NUDE SHAPES™ was proudly created as the World's first premium line of waist trainers matching each woman's skin color & helping you remain inconspicuous while cinching in your waist, encouraging women to achieve even better results at the gym, shedding the stubborn belly fat and speeding up your postpartum recovery. 


Although we are a small startup company, we have a bold mission.

Our goal is to help women on their transformational and weight loss journey while keeping their shapewear discreet.

We are the first waist training company on the market promoting diversity and inclusion, introducing brand new tonal shades so that all of us can find the perfect nude - because nude is more than one shade.

With this bold mission, we're tapping into something much bigger than just waist training.

We want you to look and feel fabulous and confident while minimising the look of your waist shaper, making everybody wonder what your secret is.





nude latex waist trainer
A few years ago, I started waist training, as I was determined to get better results at the gym.
Sadly at the time, I couldn’t find a waist shaper that would last beyond a few weeks before the steel bones would start to come out. But mainly it was challenging to hide the garment under my gym gear as the colors on the market were very limited.
After being frustrated with the constant need to order a new waist cincher, my idea of creating a nude line of waist trainers was born.
An idea that - everyone can find their perfect shade, match their skin color and remain discreet about their shapewear.
After creating the first shade I quickly realised that there is not such a shaping product for women of color, so I created a second Deep Brown shade, as I was slowly realising that this is not only about getting in shape or reducing back pain but also about promoting diversity and inclusion - something that I really wanted to focus on and it became my passion and mission.
I have put much love and effort into creating our products from scratch, creating the highest quality on the market and I can’t wait for you to try it! Don’t wait any longer, hit the follow button on Instagram at @nudeshapes and join our Facebook private group Waist Training Community by NUDE SHAPES to stay updated as we launch new shades and get our brand new waist trainer NOW! This is just the beginning!


Petra, Founder of NUDE SHAPES™ Shapewear