The Beginner's Guide To Waist Training


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Waist training became popular partially thanks to several celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian's waist trainers, J-Lo waist training, Jessica Alba or Lily James. They are caught using these during workouts to accentuate their curves. When the celebrities started saying yes, the curvy look came back in and women everywhere started to look out for the perfect solution to stay not only in shape but also create the perfect curves.

It didn't start from that point. In fact, the waist trainer became popular in the 1500s. Women used it especially after postpartum to get their shape back. Of course, back then, it was based on tying cotton around the body with bone rods to get their look back.

In the 1800s, corsets became popular. You can think it was just a fashion statement, but if you look a little closer at the garments, it was really to highlight the look of attraction to any nearby admirers that want to see all our beauty and glory from the waist up... or down. The waist is the central point that shows it all, isn't it? 


It is a way of getting semi-permanent solutions based on the size of your waist, specifically, so you can create your hourglass figure or speed up up your postpartum recovery, support your weight loss and water retention, but also eliminate your back pain, correct posture or improve scoliosis curvature.  

As you use the trainer, you will notice that your waist gets smaller. When it does, you tighten the waist cincher. We've seen waists go from an XL to a small by using the waist trainer, adding exercise and adjusting your eating habits. 

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We're asked this question a lot by sceptical minds. The simple answer is - absolutely! But in order to see the best results, we highly recommend using your waist cincher during any cardio exercise.

Here are some things we've seen:

  • Women with Diastasis recti and postpartum bodies going back to what they looked like before... and even better!
  • Dramatically improving water retention and losing inches around your core as a result of that.
  • Shrinking fat cells around the belly and love handles (that's the stubborn part that we all work so hard to get off).
  • Eliminating back fat.
  • Curves. If you are insecure about your waist because it seems a little too straight, then you should check out the curves that come from these trainers!
  • Posture correcting. While it's not one of the reasons why most start with waist training, we've found that support for your posture is a great addition to waist training. Because it is pulling in certain parts of your abs, it also forces you to sit up straighter and doesn't allow you to slouch.
  • Eliminating back pain. Waist trainers are game-changers when it comes to eliminating back pain. Do you sit for long hours behind your computer every day? Then we highly recommend using waist trimmers while sitting down and you will feel immediate relief. 

But don't just take our word for it and see the results below.

waist training results

waist training results

waist training results

does waist trainers work


It is absolutely safe to use a waist trainer. People who are sceptical about waist training always mistakenly talk about corsets - which might not be safe, as they create much stronger compression and might squeeze your organs. Waist trainers are simply not as strong as corsets when it comes to compression and we often think of it as something between corsets and Spanx (light to medium compression).

However, wit that being said make sure you are aware of the following key points:

1. Don't make your waist trainer too tight. Remember, training takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. You want your trainer to be just slightly tighter than a normal piece of clothing so that your body gets used to that size. You'll go down another notch quickly.

2. Wear something under the trainer if you have sensitive skin or you use it while working out. We usually use a thin, undershirt. That's just to prevent any reactions from sensitivity while helping you to stay comfortable. Actually, you may sweat while you are waist training, so make sure you don't irritate your skin as you train.

3. Be aware of your body! Everybody responds differently to waist training and it comes with a lot of different effects. Overall, I see very few to no responses that are negative, and most come with fast results. However, it's really important that you remain aware of what your body needs. Don't do too much training in a day and if there is a negative impact, it's ok to rest your waist for a while.

4. Don't sleep in your waist trainer. First of all, it won't be comfortable to sleep in it. Secondly, imagine you have a nightmare and you wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attach and shortness of breath. At that point, you don't want to be wearing a waist trainer.


Getting the right fit is VERY IMPORTANT! It's the key to making you smaller. :) But, it means that you need to know exactly how to get the right fit.

At NUDE SHAPES, we also offer you a free consultation to help you find the perfect fit. Remember, you will go down a size and down hooks as you train. Always make sure you start in a space that is comfortable.

Are you ready to start? Contact us for a FREE Consultation on which waist trainer is right for you or carefully follow our size chart below.

There is a general guideline based on the inches you have around your waist. We have sizes from XXS to 5XL, so you can start with your best body type now, and work into what fits best.


Wearing a trainer all the time isn't a good idea. Be aware of what you need to do and when - that's how you get the results.

1. Should you sleep in your trainer? It would be ideal if you could wear your trainer at night, hoping to wake up the next day with even more curviness. This isn't recommended and won't speed up the results. Give your body rest at night, as well as the waist trainer.

2. The first ten days. It takes time for your body to get used to waist training and for you to be comfortable with the item. For the first week, slowly get used to the trainer. We recommend wearing the trainer for 2 hours the first day, then 4 hours. You can slowly build up and ease into the full training program. By the 10th day, you can start wearing the trainer for up to 8 hours.

3. Can I exercise with my waist trainer? Yes, in fact, the best results can be achieved when wearing it to the gym/ during an at-home workout or any cardio activities (house chores included). This way it induces your thermogenesis and makes you sweat, resulting in burning more water and eventually fat cells around your midsection, losing inches much faster and rewarding you with the body you've always dreamed of!


While you are waist training, make sure you exercise consistently. It will increase the results that you get as mentioned above. More important, it will release all the good dopamines and other hormones that we need to feel better about ourselves.

You can get even more with better nutrition. Here's a huge myth.... "when you waist train you can eat large amounts of food, even if it is bad for you."

We wouldn't recommend doing that now or in the future. If you eat the right nutrition, then you will also maximise results. That's because your inner self is going to get the same health results as your waist. It always needs that.


If you are looking for a waist trainer for women and want to start your quest to feeling and looking better, then your time to start is now.

Now you know that waist training isn't harmful to your body and it simply adjusts your body in a way that makes you feel better.

If you are looking for a simple and effective solution, we recommend you check our NUDE SHAPES collection to see what will work best for you and help you to start getting results.

Ladies, as always... we're always cheering you on to look and feel your best.

Time to get your hourglass figure! 


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