Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

We often hear people say that waist trainers don't work. Waist trainers, however, won't transform your body unless you do it the right way.

Sadly enough, people often blame the products instead of admitting a lack of discipline or effort.

So how does a waist trainer really work?

A lot of people think that they will lose weight simply by wearing a waist trainer while sitting and watching TV. We hate to break it to you, but waist trainers won't make your belly fat disappear like a miracle. In order to start burning your belly pooch, we highly recommend wearing your waist trimmer during any cardio activity such as running, walking, elliptical workout or simply while running errands. 

do waist trainers really work

Your body starts creating so called thermogenesis which makes you sweat around your core, resulting in burning more water (improving water retention) and you will start losing inches much faster. Once you start burning more water, your fat cells will eventually begin to shrink much faster than they would otherwise.  

How to support your weight loss journey more effectively

If you are on a weight loss journey, you can also keep your waist cincher on when eating. While we don't recommend this practice when you simply want to tone your core or create more hourglass curves, it is very effective when you're on a weight loss journey. What is does is that it simply suppresses your apetite and you will start eating smaller portions resulting in losing weight much faster. 

So what do you say? Will you incorporate a waist cincher into your workout routine to achieve the best results? Choose one of our tonal waist shapers to remain inconspicuous under your clothes or workout gear.

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